each & every one of us have stars in our hearts,

the essentials
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what you need to know before joining Shine Bright. Located here are our rules and guidelines, as well as our story and setting.
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the announcements
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if there are any events or anything new happening on board, they will be posted here.

chapters & events

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the lounge
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this is the board for members to post questions,suggestions, or comments. It is also the same place you will find the introductions or absences board.

galleries & codes
suggestions & comments

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the allies
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advertisements and affiliation

first time
link back

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and you know that the star is shining when you feel that heat,

the galaxy cauldron
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Sept 6, 2019 21:47:03 GMT
where characters are made. This is where you'll find all the vital character information, the application template, and will be able to post your character bios for reviewal.


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the star seeds
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Aug 27, 2019 12:36:39 GMT
characters who have been accepted will be moved here. Along with the ones in play, you will also find an archive of applications for those who have been denied, have died in-game, or have been abandoned by their creator.

the solar royality
the constellation royality
the corrupted
the others

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the radiance
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Sept 7, 2019 5:16:21 GMT
once accepted, you're welcome to make your shippers/plotters for your characters, keep track of their trackers and keep tabs on their development here.


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even someday when we disappear & new sailor senshis are born,

the solarian kingdom
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Sept 15, 2019 9:44:03 GMT
the sun is firey and would be inhabitable, save for the kingdom that is encased in a dome of translucent sunlight, which generates moderate temperatures, blue skies, and a utopia of beautiful plantlife. In the center are shining golden structures that hold the residences and chapels of Solaria, the largest of such is the Solarian palace, surrounded by greenery, which houses the matriarchy of the whole star system -- and the diamond crystal, which promises longevity, and is the most powerful artifact in existence.

the solarian palace

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the moon
Last post by dreams in come [cassandra]
Sept 4, 2019 18:00:03 GMT
the lonely satelite which has recently crashed into the star system and began orbiting around the sun. It is cold and barren, filled with ice-craters. In the center of the mysterious rock lies a frozen river that is known as the sea of serenity. Unbeknowst to Solaria and the constellations, the chaotic head-quarters is hidden underneath.

the sea of serenity

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the eastern constellations
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Sept 13, 2019 22:10:23 GMT
the constellations and kingdoms that are in the left hemisphere around the sun. These are the birthplaces of the eastern constellation senshi, who are the defenders of Solaria and Princess Apolla's sworn protectors.

the leo constellation
the virgo constellation
the taurus constellation
the aries constellation
the gemini constellation
the cancer constellation

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the western constellations
Last post by Khione Moroz in Log Training[C][T]
Sept 14, 2019 14:10:56 GMT
the constellations and kingdoms in the right hemisphere around the sun. These are the birthplaces of the western constellation senshi, who are more powerful than the eastern consetllation senshi -- while they also help defend Solaria, their ultimate purpose is to protect the entire star system from harm and annihilate evil threats before they have a chance to reach the other constellations or the sun.

the capricornus constellation
the aquairus constellation
the pisces constellation
the libra constellation
the scorpius constellation
the sagitarrius constellation
the ophicuhus constellation

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